Christmas Mini Sessions 2 | Bergey’s Breadbasket

So the first Christmas mini sessions went so well and I had had some interest from people about offering more, that I decided to hold a 2nd day of them. I again decided to hold them at Bergey’s Breadbasket in Chesapeake. They were so wonderful to work with and I really loved the way the first session photos turned out.
I again had a wonderful group of families that signed up for these sessions. It was a lot colder on this day, but the skies were clearer. Everyone looked so nice and each session was unique. Thank you to all of the beautiful families that signed up. I enjoyed working with you all so much and I hope you enjoy their beautiful Christmas-themed photos!

Thank you again to Bergey’s Breadbasket for letting me use your location.

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The beautiful Grabias family.  We wrapped up sweet Kynlee to keep her nice and warm!

Grabias family Christmas minis-5 Grabias family Christmas minis-27

The beautiful Zwick family and their sweet baby Owen! Love his reindeer hat and the cows that joined in on their session!

Zwick Family Christmas minis-14

Zwick Family Christmas minis-30

Zwick Family Christmas minis-34

The beautiful Devlin family.  Love this family of five and their sweet kiddos!
Devlin Family Christmas minis-27

Devlin Family Christmas minis-39

The beautiful Jones family! They are now a family of four, and it was very special to be able to take baby Wyatt’s first Christmas pictures!

Jones Family Christmas minis-31

Jones Family Christmas minis-24


Steven is 2! | Watch me grow up

I am so thankful that I started taking pictures of Steven when he was first born. It had been amazing to watch him grow through these photos. When I first started, I wasn’t a photographer. I took his photos with my point and shoot camera. Hopefully you can tell towards the end of these photos, I did improve my photo-taking skills.
I love seeing how big he got in the cradle and the mile-stones I documented. From sitting up to pulling up, standing, and being able to get into and out of the cradle by himself, I got it all. I love how his little personality comes out more and more each month.
I took his picture monthly for the first year, then 18 months and now 2 years. He actually turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, but things have been a bit busy around here! Maybe I’ll try to take them at 3, we’ll see how it goes. At 2, things were pretty challenging getting him to lay down long enough to snap a few shots!

The cradle that I used was made for my by my grandfather.  Neither Steven or I ever slept in it, but it is a wonderful keepsake!

????????????????DSC_0484 DSC_0500

DSC_0031 DSC_0055IMG_9408



Zimmerman Family | First Landing State Park

   I swear I have some of the best clients. The Zimmerman family is no exception, they were so amazing during their session! I had never met them before that day, but Breauna and I are sorority sisters!! She graduated before I joined, but we are still both Pi Phis! I was so excited to hear that one of our sisters had recommended me to her. Thank you so much to Kristy and make sure you check out her Etsy store for her jewelry business The Funky Tangerine!
Breauna and her husband Bret have two of the most beautiful girls. Ellie and Eva are just gorgeous and they did so well during the session. Breauna chose First Landing State Park as the location for their session and it was so beautiful. I had never been to this location before, but I love it when my clients pick somewhere that they love! It had beautiful beach, trails and bright fall leaves. The backdrop was perfect for fall photos!
Thank you so much to Breauna and her family for allowing me to capture all the fun silliness and love in their family! You guys were so awesome and you all totally rocked your photo session!  Check out this gorgeous family!!

Zimmerman Family-3 Zimmerman Family-9 Zimmerman Family-13 Zimmerman Family-15 Zimmerman Family-73Zimmerman Family-20 Zimmerman Family-64Zimmerman Family-23 Zimmerman Family-31 Zimmerman Family-57Zimmerman Family-33Zimmerman Family-44 Zimmerman Family-49 Zimmerman Family-52 Zimmerman Family-83

Small Business Saturday + New changes for 2014

So I figured “Small Business Saturday” would be the perfect time to make my big announcement!!! Starting January 1, 2014, my prices for sessions will be going up slightly. 2013 has been such an amazing year for my business and me. I have learned so much and grown in my business and my skill as a photographer. I have met so many wonderful people and worked with awesome clients. Thank you all who have supported me, who helped me get started and who have returned for more sessions! I am so grateful for you all!
Starting in 2014, I will be charging $175.00 for a full session. This includes up to 1 1/2 hours of camera time, one location of your choosing, 1 outfit, 60-75 images and rights to all edited digital files. I will also be charging the 6% sales tax required. I will occasionally schedule mini sessions several times a year. Dates, locations, themes and prices for all mini sessions with be decided upon and announced throughout the year, so make sure you check for updates!
As I book more sessions, I am choosing to spend less time with my family. I love what I do and I love my family. This career choice was one that we agreed would be flexible and a good way for me to help support our family financially. As anyone with children knows, time with our children is precious. I am simply making sure that if I have to be away from my husband and son, that is definitely worth my time. Again, I love being a photographer and enjoy each session! Also, as I grow my business, this requires more expense such as a website, equipment, insurance, etc.!
Again, thank you all so much for all of your support for my business and my family! As a special thank-you, I’d like to offer a special deal!!! Starting today and going until December 31, 2013, if you book a session for 2014 you can get the 2013 pricing!!! This package will include everything listed above, just at the current rate of $150.00. To secure your session for 2014, you must pay the retainer fee of $75.00 and sign a client contract. You will receive a gift-certificate for a session good for the 2014 calendar year!
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and ends 2013 wonderfully! Thank you all again!!

My little guy and his Uncle Zach


Some of my favorite photos from this year! I wish I could post them all!

Winslow Family-87

Jones Family-6 Back-to-school Lucia-11Kegan and Mason-22 Lily Kessler-62Brian and Karen-7 Weaver Family-22 Stotesbury Family-32Franklin Family Christmas minis-7 Tomlin Family Christmas minis-19 Slaba Family-47

Slaba Family | Windsor Castle Session

Every time I work with a family, the session is different, even with families I’ve worked with before and even at locations I’ve shot at before.  I love it!  It keeps me on my toes and never gets boring!
I went to high school with Tony and Jessica, but this was my first time working with them.  Their kids are just beautiful, but little Nicholas wasn’t feeling like having his picture taken and Caroline was into everything but sitting still.  But that is just how kids are.  Some days they are on and other days not so much.  I reassured Tony and Jessica that as their parents it may seem like they were 100% times worse than they really were.  They just weren’t feeling it.  It makes my job a little more challenging, but by no means impossible or terrible. This is a beautiful family inside and out and their kids are just normal kids! They really were great!
I love working with families and especially their kids! I love the challenge of capturing beautiful photos, from ones where they are all actually looking at the camera and smiling to those special ones that really show their personalities!  The later ones are my favorite.  They can be a bit silly and maybe ones only the parents can appreciate, but they are still special.
Thank you so much Tony and Jessica for allowing me to capture your beautiful and sweet family. I really had a great time working with you all and your kiddos!

Slaba Family-5

Slaba Family-70

Slaba Family-63

Slaba Family-59

Slaba Family-57

Slaba Family-47

Slaba Family-45

Slaba Family-39

Slaba Family-38

Slaba Family-36

Slaba Family-28

Slaba Family-22

Slaba Family-18

Slaba Family-13

Slaba Family-8

Christmas Mini Sessions | Bergey’s Breadbasket, Chesapeake

I had such a great time working with all of the wonderful families that signed up for my first Christmas mini sessions! I chose the location of Bergey’s Breadbasket, because to me that was a part of Christmas. My dad, sister and I used to go to Bergey’s, when it was a dairy, every Christmas Eve to buy eggnog and Colonial custard. My dad would give these as gifts to some of his family and friends. We loved getting up early and venturing out early Christmas Eve. We would love to see the calves and all the animals on the farm. I am so glad that they were able to open again as a bakery.
I was so excited to shoot these sessions. I had a Christmas wreath hung on the barn door and got a banner that said “Be Merry” for the families to hold. We even enjoyed hot chocolate and cider with my mom’s ginger snaps. It was definitely “Christmasy”!! Thank you so much to all the wonderful families that came out. You guys all rocked it and you all looked so wonderful! I hope your families enjoy your photos and I’m sure they will look great on your Christmas cards! Merry Christmas to all!

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The beautiful Franklin family!

Franklin Family Christmas minis-7 Franklin Family Christmas minis-19

Kyndall and her cousin Charlotte

Speight Family Christmas minis-2

The Speight Family! Daddy was on a fishing trip, but don’t his girls look beautiful!

Speight Family Christmas minis-8 Speight Family Christmas minis-15

The gorgeous Tomlin family!

Tomlin Family Christmas minis-4 Tomlin Family Christmas minis-19

The Saunders family looking wonderful!

Saunders Family Christmas minis-26Saunders Family Christmas minis-7

The fun and beautiful Adams family!

Adams Family Christmas minis-3 Adams Family Christmas minis-7

The Stotesbury Family | Family session on the Farm

With every session that I book, I am so thankful and amazed that someone would choose me to capture their precious memories. I know that probably sounds cliché, but it is the truth! I am still so new to this business, but I am so thankful to Leisha and Joey for supporting me from the beginning.
When Leisha asked if I would take pictures of not only their family again, but also her sister’s along with their parents, I was so thrilled and nervous at the same time. I’d never done a large family session before and these types of sessions are extra special. I know how hard it is to get a large group of people together. With schedules and kids it can seem impossible. But they made it work and we had a perfect fall day!  Thank you to some of the wonderful photographers I network with, I felt prepared to rock this session!
I love that they wanted to have their session done at my family’s farm. The cotton was ready to be picked and make for a beautiful backdrop. I love the old barn and tree. The kids seemed to enjoy the setting, feeling the cotton and exploring the fields. Getting four kiddos under four to all cooperate can be challenging, but their little guys did great. Its funny, because they didn’t plan it, but all four kids have “k” sounds to their name. Kylee, Caige, Carson, and Carter. They did so good too. We even got some sweet pictures of the grandparents with all of their grandbabies! 🙂

Stotesbury Family-9 Stotesbury Family-17 Stotesbury Family-24 Stotesbury Family-32 Stotesbury Family-33 Stotesbury Family-36 Stotesbury Family-42 Stotesbury Family-46 Stotesbury Family-53 Stotesbury Family-55 Stotesbury Family-56 Stotesbury Family-65 Stotesbury Family-67 Stotesbury Family-77 Stotesbury Family-78 Stotesbury Family-81 Stotesbury Family-85 Stotesbury Family-91 Stotesbury Family-94 Stotesbury Family-96

The Weaver Family | Windsor Castle Family Session

I’ve known Lucas pretty much my whole life. We grew up next door neighbors, through the woods that is. When he contacted me about doing his family’s portraits I was so honored. I think every time that someone I know asks me to take their pictures, it just feels so wonderful!
Lucas is a Suffolk firefighter and his wife Autumn is a nurse and works with babies at Norfolk Sentara Hospital. Then there is their little girl Alya. She is just adorable and so serious for a 14-month old! She is a tiny little peanut too! It killed me that she would walk with her hands behind her back, like she was taking it all in and contemplating the ways of the world. She was so good the entire time during her session and just rocked it!
I just love Windsor Castle Park as a location and was excited when Lucas said that was where they wanted to have their photos taken. I feel like every time I shoot there, the photos look totally different. There is just so much to work with there.

The leaves are just beautiful this time of year and they really added to the Fall theme that the Weaver family was wanting for their session.  Alya really enjoyed carrying around the little pumpkin I brought.  She is a strong little girl!  I hope you enjoy the photos of this beautiful, sweet family.

Weaver Family-16 Weaver Family-4 Weaver Family-23 Weaver Family-32 Weaver Family-42 Weaver Family-44 Weaver Family-51 Weaver Family-64 Weaver Family-68

Weaver Family-1 Weaver Family-9 Weaver Family-22 Weaver Family-28 Weaver Family-43 Weaver Family-48 Weaver Family-59 Weaver Family-66 Weaver Family-71

Brian + Karen | Engagement session

My first official engagement session and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple. Brian and Karen were nominated and selected for the photo session I gave away in celebration of my 30th birthday and as a form of paying it forward. I can totally see why they were nominated, they were certainly deserving of such a special treat.
Brian and Karen are both in the police department in Virginia Beach.  Brian is a police officer and Karen works in the CSI department. She says her job is like Abby’s on NCIS! 🙂 I’ve known Brian for a few years through mutual friends. I have to say, its wonderful to see such a nice guy find the right girl! 🙂
Their faith is very inspirational to their family and friends around them. They even met through their church. This was one of the reasons they were nominated and why I felt God wanted me to choose them.  They are two of the sweetest and kindest people I have met, as I found out just in the short time during our session.
They laughed and teased and were total goofballs. It was soo much fun, even though it was a bit chilly down at the oceanfront. We started off at Doc Taylor’s, where they went on their first date and their dog Captain even joined in on the fun. I just love his tie, so sophisticated! 🙂
Thank you so much to everyone who submitted people they thought were deserving of this special giveaway. I truly wish I could have given away one to everyone. Thank you Brian and Karen for all that you do for your community!

Brian and Karen-15 Brian and Karen-7Brian and Karen-10  Brian and Karen-3 Brian and Karen-23

Brian and Karen-83

Brian and Karen-82 Brian and Karen-65 Brian and Karen-58 Brian and Karen-47

Brian and Karen-80 Brian and Karen-59 Brian and Karen-32 Brian and Karen-54

Brian and Karen-74 Brian and Karen-67 Brian and Karen-63 Brian and Karen-35 Brian and Karen-50