The Weavers are… | Family Session + more!!

Expecting! I’m so excited to share this wonderful news and on such a special day as Valentine’s Day!!
Back in November last year, I had the honor of photographing the Weaver family, Lucas, Autumn, and Alya. Toward the end of the session, they shared a secret with me. A HUGE secret. They were expecting!!! I was so excited for them and I love that they trusted me with this secret and that they wanted to include their wonderful news in their session. They hadn’t yet told their families and wanted to have photos to share their big announcement. So we quickly put some ideas together to announce their new baby!
Recently, Autumn announced her pregnancy on Facebook. Their little one is doing well and getting big. With their permission, I am sharing the photos that we took during their session back in November where they announced they would be going from a family of 3 to a family of 4! I just loved little Alya, she was so good and I am sure she will be a great big sister! Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Weaver Family-72 Weaver Family-79 Weaver Family-90 Weaver Family-84 Weaver Family-87 Weaver Family-85 Weaver Family-86 Weaver Family-83 Weaver Family-88


Snow days | Personal

So as many of you know, we have gotten a lot of snow in the last two weeks. Thankfully, this Tuesday night as I sit her typing this, I am not preparing for snow! The first week we got about 2″. The next week, 6! This is pretty rare for our area, and although I like snow, I think we are all done for the season. We’ve had our fill.
Steven has seemed to really enjoy the snow, although we weren’t able to play in it for long periods. We woke up one morning the second week and the temperature was -4! That is crazy for this area. So we never stayed out more than 30 minutes at a time. He was pretty funny playing in the 6″ of snow. He had a hard time walking, as he is not even 3 feet tall! We tried to build a snowman, but the snow was really fluffy and not really snowman building snow. We painted the snow using water colored blue with food coloring and Steven and Mike played golf in the snow. The first week was good for sledding and Mike pulled Steven and I behind the mini bike. The second week, not so much. It was just too deep for that, so we just pulled him with our hands.
The dogs really loved the snow. Colt loved trying to eat it and Hurley loved running in it. Mike tried to play ball with Hurley in the deep snow, but the balls kept getting lost.
Steven and I spent a lot of time indoors over the last couple of weeks, which is tough, because we both love to be outside! Thankfully, I had bought a few things of play dough and that has provided a lot of entertainment. We had better luck building a snowman made out of play dough. I also converted a cardboard box into a mailbox. He likes it pretty good, but not quite as much as I anticipated. We have Lincoln logs and our train set and plenty of books.
Now the snow is gone and whenever we get ready to go somewhere and go to put our shoes on, Steven says “No bibs.”, referring to his snow bibs. I think he is over the snow too! We are both ready for warmer and drier weather. Bring on the Spring!

The first snow we got. Steven had a blast being pulled on the sled!


The BIG snow we got!

Hurley loved trying the find the balls in the snow, but it was pretty difficult.


Colt checking out the snow. He gave me some funny faces as he romped around!



Mike and Steven playing golf with Hurley!




Making our play dough snowman inside where we were warm and dry!!





Cardboard mailbox.  I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest, though not very good directions.  I just winged it!



My favorites from 2013

This has truly been an amazing year! I started my photography business in 2013 and it has been a wonderfully, blessed journey. I am so grateful for everyone that supported my business this year. This year I had 32 different paying clients!! I know that may not sound like much, but I only started charging clients in May and only did sessions on the weekends. I worked with so many wonderful couples, families, and children. I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings!! Here are some of my favorites from 2013. Enjoy!

spady newborn session-145
Amanda senior session-193


Reeves Family-59
Winslow Family-102

Back-to-school Lucia-11

Back-to-school Jack-1

Kegan and Mason-22

Fall Mini Session - Savannah-4

Fall Mini Session - John and Michael-20

Lily Kessler-62

Brian and Karen-67

Weaver Family-59

Stotesbury Family-55

Franklin Family Christmas minis-7

Tomlin Family Christmas minis-19

Slaba Family-47

Zimmerman Family-23

Zwick Family Christmas minis-34

DeJarnette Family-7

Christmas Mini Sessions 2 | Bergey’s Breadbasket

So the first Christmas mini sessions went so well and I had had some interest from people about offering more, that I decided to hold a 2nd day of them. I again decided to hold them at Bergey’s Breadbasket in Chesapeake. They were so wonderful to work with and I really loved the way the first session photos turned out.
I again had a wonderful group of families that signed up for these sessions. It was a lot colder on this day, but the skies were clearer. Everyone looked so nice and each session was unique. Thank you to all of the beautiful families that signed up. I enjoyed working with you all so much and I hope you enjoy their beautiful Christmas-themed photos!

Thank you again to Bergey’s Breadbasket for letting me use your location.

Banner made by: Butterfly above

The beautiful Grabias family.  We wrapped up sweet Kynlee to keep her nice and warm!

Grabias family Christmas minis-5 Grabias family Christmas minis-27

The beautiful Zwick family and their sweet baby Owen! Love his reindeer hat and the cows that joined in on their session!

Zwick Family Christmas minis-14

Zwick Family Christmas minis-30

Zwick Family Christmas minis-34

The beautiful Devlin family.  Love this family of five and their sweet kiddos!
Devlin Family Christmas minis-27

Devlin Family Christmas minis-39

The beautiful Jones family! They are now a family of four, and it was very special to be able to take baby Wyatt’s first Christmas pictures!

Jones Family Christmas minis-31

Jones Family Christmas minis-24

Steven is 2! | Watch me grow up

I am so thankful that I started taking pictures of Steven when he was first born. It had been amazing to watch him grow through these photos. When I first started, I wasn’t a photographer. I took his photos with my point and shoot camera. Hopefully you can tell towards the end of these photos, I did improve my photo-taking skills.
I love seeing how big he got in the cradle and the mile-stones I documented. From sitting up to pulling up, standing, and being able to get into and out of the cradle by himself, I got it all. I love how his little personality comes out more and more each month.
I took his picture monthly for the first year, then 18 months and now 2 years. He actually turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, but things have been a bit busy around here! Maybe I’ll try to take them at 3, we’ll see how it goes. At 2, things were pretty challenging getting him to lay down long enough to snap a few shots!

The cradle that I used was made for my by my grandfather.  Neither Steven or I ever slept in it, but it is a wonderful keepsake!

????????????????DSC_0484 DSC_0500

DSC_0031 DSC_0055IMG_9408



Slaba Family | Windsor Castle Session

Every time I work with a family, the session is different, even with families I’ve worked with before and even at locations I’ve shot at before.  I love it!  It keeps me on my toes and never gets boring!
I went to high school with Tony and Jessica, but this was my first time working with them.  Their kids are just beautiful, but little Nicholas wasn’t feeling like having his picture taken and Caroline was into everything but sitting still.  But that is just how kids are.  Some days they are on and other days not so much.  I reassured Tony and Jessica that as their parents it may seem like they were 100% times worse than they really were.  They just weren’t feeling it.  It makes my job a little more challenging, but by no means impossible or terrible. This is a beautiful family inside and out and their kids are just normal kids! They really were great!
I love working with families and especially their kids! I love the challenge of capturing beautiful photos, from ones where they are all actually looking at the camera and smiling to those special ones that really show their personalities!  The later ones are my favorite.  They can be a bit silly and maybe ones only the parents can appreciate, but they are still special.
Thank you so much Tony and Jessica for allowing me to capture your beautiful and sweet family. I really had a great time working with you all and your kiddos!

Slaba Family-5

Slaba Family-70

Slaba Family-63

Slaba Family-59

Slaba Family-57

Slaba Family-47

Slaba Family-45

Slaba Family-39

Slaba Family-38

Slaba Family-36

Slaba Family-28

Slaba Family-22

Slaba Family-18

Slaba Family-13

Slaba Family-8

The Stotesbury Family | Family session on the Farm

With every session that I book, I am so thankful and amazed that someone would choose me to capture their precious memories. I know that probably sounds cliché, but it is the truth! I am still so new to this business, but I am so thankful to Leisha and Joey for supporting me from the beginning.
When Leisha asked if I would take pictures of not only their family again, but also her sister’s along with their parents, I was so thrilled and nervous at the same time. I’d never done a large family session before and these types of sessions are extra special. I know how hard it is to get a large group of people together. With schedules and kids it can seem impossible. But they made it work and we had a perfect fall day!  Thank you to some of the wonderful photographers I network with, I felt prepared to rock this session!
I love that they wanted to have their session done at my family’s farm. The cotton was ready to be picked and make for a beautiful backdrop. I love the old barn and tree. The kids seemed to enjoy the setting, feeling the cotton and exploring the fields. Getting four kiddos under four to all cooperate can be challenging, but their little guys did great. Its funny, because they didn’t plan it, but all four kids have “k” sounds to their name. Kylee, Caige, Carson, and Carter. They did so good too. We even got some sweet pictures of the grandparents with all of their grandbabies! 🙂

Stotesbury Family-9 Stotesbury Family-17 Stotesbury Family-24 Stotesbury Family-32 Stotesbury Family-33 Stotesbury Family-36 Stotesbury Family-42 Stotesbury Family-46 Stotesbury Family-53 Stotesbury Family-55 Stotesbury Family-56 Stotesbury Family-65 Stotesbury Family-67 Stotesbury Family-77 Stotesbury Family-78 Stotesbury Family-81 Stotesbury Family-85 Stotesbury Family-91 Stotesbury Family-94 Stotesbury Family-96

The Weaver Family | Windsor Castle Family Session

I’ve known Lucas pretty much my whole life. We grew up next door neighbors, through the woods that is. When he contacted me about doing his family’s portraits I was so honored. I think every time that someone I know asks me to take their pictures, it just feels so wonderful!
Lucas is a Suffolk firefighter and his wife Autumn is a nurse and works with babies at Norfolk Sentara Hospital. Then there is their little girl Alya. She is just adorable and so serious for a 14-month old! She is a tiny little peanut too! It killed me that she would walk with her hands behind her back, like she was taking it all in and contemplating the ways of the world. She was so good the entire time during her session and just rocked it!
I just love Windsor Castle Park as a location and was excited when Lucas said that was where they wanted to have their photos taken. I feel like every time I shoot there, the photos look totally different. There is just so much to work with there.

The leaves are just beautiful this time of year and they really added to the Fall theme that the Weaver family was wanting for their session.  Alya really enjoyed carrying around the little pumpkin I brought.  She is a strong little girl!  I hope you enjoy the photos of this beautiful, sweet family.

Weaver Family-16 Weaver Family-4 Weaver Family-23 Weaver Family-32 Weaver Family-42 Weaver Family-44 Weaver Family-51 Weaver Family-64 Weaver Family-68

Weaver Family-1 Weaver Family-9 Weaver Family-22 Weaver Family-28 Weaver Family-43 Weaver Family-48 Weaver Family-59 Weaver Family-66 Weaver Family-71

Peyton and Grant | Fall Mini Session

Ok, so these kids are just adorable. I can’t believe how lucky I am with all the cute kids I got to photograph during the Fall mini sessions. Peyton and Grant of course are no exception. I love that their mom Nicole also brought their Halloween costumes. Such a cute pirate and the sweetest little bat I’ve ever seen. Little Grant has changed so much in just the few short months since I did their family photos. He is now 6 months and getting so big! 🙂

Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-2 Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-5 Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-9 Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-10 Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-12 Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-13 Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-18 Fall Mini Session - Peyton and Grant-19

Kyndall | Fall Mini Session

Oh, sweet Kyndall. Another cutie pie I’m getting to see grown up. All these little ones are so much fun and all so different. Kyndall loved playing with her sticks during our shoot, even though she is a totally girly-girl too! I just love that she has a great mix of both her mom and dad in her. She was absolutely adorable in her little owl costume. She is getting to be such a big girl and I loved all her cute faces she gave me! 🙂

Fall Mini session - Kyndall-1 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-3 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-6 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-7 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-10 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-14 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-18 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-20 Fall Mini session - Kyndall-27