Snow days | Personal

So as many of you know, we have gotten a lot of snow in the last two weeks. Thankfully, this Tuesday night as I sit her typing this, I am not preparing for snow! The first week we got about 2″. The next week, 6! This is pretty rare for our area, and although I like snow, I think we are all done for the season. We’ve had our fill.
Steven has seemed to really enjoy the snow, although we weren’t able to play in it for long periods. We woke up one morning the second week and the temperature was -4! That is crazy for this area. So we never stayed out more than 30 minutes at a time. He was pretty funny playing in the 6″ of snow. He had a hard time walking, as he is not even 3 feet tall! We tried to build a snowman, but the snow was really fluffy and not really snowman building snow. We painted the snow using water colored blue with food coloring and Steven and Mike played golf in the snow. The first week was good for sledding and Mike pulled Steven and I behind the mini bike. The second week, not so much. It was just too deep for that, so we just pulled him with our hands.
The dogs really loved the snow. Colt loved trying to eat it and Hurley loved running in it. Mike tried to play ball with Hurley in the deep snow, but the balls kept getting lost.
Steven and I spent a lot of time indoors over the last couple of weeks, which is tough, because we both love to be outside! Thankfully, I had bought a few things of play dough and that has provided a lot of entertainment. We had better luck building a snowman made out of play dough. I also converted a cardboard box into a mailbox. He likes it pretty good, but not quite as much as I anticipated. We have Lincoln logs and our train set and plenty of books.
Now the snow is gone and whenever we get ready to go somewhere and go to put our shoes on, Steven says “No bibs.”, referring to his snow bibs. I think he is over the snow too! We are both ready for warmer and drier weather. Bring on the Spring!

The first snow we got. Steven had a blast being pulled on the sled!


The BIG snow we got!

Hurley loved trying the find the balls in the snow, but it was pretty difficult.


Colt checking out the snow. He gave me some funny faces as he romped around!



Mike and Steven playing golf with Hurley!




Making our play dough snowman inside where we were warm and dry!!





Cardboard mailbox.  I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest, though not very good directions.  I just winged it!




I’ve got all my sisters with me | Business + Personal

If you had told me back in high school that I would one day be a “sorority girl”, I probably would have laughed in your face. I am by no means a girly girl and not one to hang with a bunch of girls and do group bathroom trips. I like hanging with the guys. I even had 5 guy roommates at one time in college. I would say they were less drama, but that wasn’t always true. For me, it was just easier with guys.
But as fate would have it, I did join a wonderful sorority. Actually, Pi Beta Phi is considered a women’s fraternity. Since it was the first of its kind, there was no such thing as a sorority then. I met my sorority “big sister” my freshman year and my second semester I went out for formal recruitment to see what it was all about. A friend I had danced with in high school was there and had joined just the semester before. I feel in love with some of the women and more importantly what Pi Phi believed in and represented. Their main philanthropy was literacy, something that I felt was important. They did a lot on campus and I enjoyed the involvement. It was definitely one of the best decisions I made in college (second only to deciding to go out with my future husband 🙂 )!
I never would have imagined the benefits Pi Phi would be still giving me after college. Of course they tell you all the wonders of alumni networking and such when you are a collegiate, but you don’t really think that way when you are in college. You kind of think in the here and now.
Although, I’m not actively involved in my chapter or alumni club currently, I have a wonderful network and circle of sisters. We have been a part of each others’ weddings, either as guests or actually in the wedding. Every one of my attendants were Pi Phis. We have seen our families grow and been at birthday parties, showers and more! I love getting together with my sisters/friends for play dates. We have even seen each other become entrepreneurs in our own business ventures.
This has been one of my favorite parts of being a Pi Phi alumni. My Pi Phi sister Kristi and I have really built up a beautiful network. Last year after I started my photography business, Kristi contacted me to take photos of her beautiful hand-made jewelry (check out The Funky Tangerine). Even all of her models for the shoot were Pi Phis!! We have both supported each other and plugged each others businesses whenever possible. I have even put Kristi in contact with another photographer friend who was spotlighting Esty businesses. That is how supportive we are of each other (and also in my photographer network). Pay it forward!!
Just last week, I signed up for a styled shoot that will be hosted by Debbie Laughlin Photography and Jennifer Krieg Photography. I shared the link on my business Facebook page and Kristi saw it. She noticed they did not have a jewelry vendor and asked me if this might be something they would want/need. I put her in touch with Debbie and BAM! it was a done deal! I am so excited for Kristi and so excited for her to get this exposure. I can’t wait to see what she will come up with.
I just love our network. I have sisters who do advertising, jewelry, fitness, graphic design, teach and countless other jobs.  I have even had the pleasure of photographing several of my sisters and their families!!  My sorority little sister, Joanna, is getting married in November and I get to photograph her wedding! I am thrilled!!!! She is still one of my closest friends and my son’s godmother! He even gets to be in her wedding too!

I just never imagined I would still be benefitting from that one decision to join such an amazing organization. Some people say that a sorority is paying for you friends. Well, I feel like I got a great deal, because the ones I got are priceless!!! 🙂

Some photos of me and my sisters at my wedding.

My bridesmaids!!


Pi Phis at my wedding!

pi phi pic
The beautiful Pi Phi models at The Funky Tangerine jewelry shoot. All of them are modeling jewelry made by Kristi.

The Funky Tangerine-178
My beautiful and talented friend Kristi at her jewelry shoot! She now has that sweet little girl that was in her belly then, in her arms.

The Funky Tangerine-280

My sister Julie and her family. I got to photograph their family as they anticipated the arrival of their second baby and at Christmas when little Wyatt was just a few weeks old!

Jones Family-6

Jones Family Christmas minis-31

My sorority sister Breauna (who I never met in college, but was thankful that Kristi recommended me to her)! I had the best time photographing her beautiful family this past fall!

Zimmerman Family-9

My sister Jenn and her beautiful family.  I am so thankful that we have been a part of each others weddings and kids’ lives!

Devlin Family Christmas minis-27

Steven and his Auntie Joanna. She is also his godmother. I cannot wait for us to both be a part of her big day!!!


When your photo session doesn’t go as planned | Business + Personal

So I have been meaning to write this post for awhile. I first had the idea after working with several families and during their sessions, their kids just weren’t feeling like having their photos taken. The parents get stressed and apologize repeatedly, reassuring me their children are usually well-behaved and all smiles. I assure them that it is ok, that theirs are not the first kids I have worked with that have off days. They all do, mine included. I then gained this experience first hand and therein comes the personal side of this post.

I know I have written before about the wonderful network of photographers that I am a part of through Amanda Hedgepeth. I decided this past Fall that I wanted to take the plunge and have our family photos professionally done. I know, its what I do, so I should value it, and I do. I really do!! But, like many of you think, it is an expense and one that sadly doesn’t always make the priority list. Well, I decided we needed to make it happen.

So I started thinking of who I wanted to have take our pictures. My cousin had taken ours several times, and she did a fantastic job, but I wanted someone I knew in the profession. I contacted Debbie with Debbie Laughlin Photography.  I had talked with Debbie online through our network, and she was so kind and helpful.  Besides, I loved her work.  So I contacted her and we set a date.  I started dreaming of our perfect session. Laughing and smiling and all the beautiful photos we would have.

Well, fast-forward and our session date, the day after Steven’s birthday, the weather was 34 degrees and windy.  I was still set on us doing our session though.  So I dragged my husband and our son out to Fort Story and the Cape Henry Lighthouse.  We were sitting in the car letting Steven eat his snack before the session and Mike asked me “Do you hear that sound?”.  I listened and asked if it was a jet?  He said “No, it is the wind!”.  Yikes!   I should have called it off.  But, I had my heart set that we were going to have our photos taken and we had no other time available for the rest of the year! So Debbie and her sweet husband showed up all bundled up ready to brave the cold and wind.
It was a disaster. Not on Debbie’s part by any means. She was awesome!  We were just so cold and the wind was blowing and making it worse.  I wanted us to look nice, so in a complete moment of mommy failure, I didn’t put a jacket on Steven.  He was freezing.  He got so upset and cold that he couldn’t recover.  He was crying and tears were streaming down his face.  We tried everything to get him to smile.  We even all bundled up, but it wasn’t happening.  Debbie was so patient and kind to us.  She reassured us that it was ok and that she didn’t mind.  She hung in there with us and tried her best, but Steven just wasn’t having it.  So she kindly told us that she would give us what she had and that we could reschedule to finish out the session.  We didn’t even last 30 minutes out there!

So, this is a lot longer than I anticipated it being, but what I want to get at is that it is ok if your kids are having an off day. Like Debbie, I love what I do and I love working with families and kids. It isn’t for everyone. Not every photographer does family and children sessions. I do and I love it. I love capturing the special moments and meeting all the little people. If I didn’t like working with families and children, I wouldn’t do it.

So parents, it is ok if your kiddos are off. I will do my best to work with them and try to get them to relax and be their usual charming selves.  I am patient and understanding.  I won’t get upset and its ok.  WE all have our off days.  But, if they get to the point where they just aren’t having it, that is ok to. We can always reschedule. Your session is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and a great memory. Besides that is what we are doing. Creating and capturing memories. They should be pleasant and happy ones.  Being a parent comes first and your children’s well-being comes first.  We can always reschedule for another day! 🙂

I want to give a big thank you to Debbie for being such a patient and kind person and photographer. She is definitely a role model for me as a family and children’s photographer. I am so grateful for the beautiful photos she did capture for us. And, we will always be able to look back at our session as a learning lesson in parenting. Sometimes you really do have to put your kids above your wants and dreams.

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This is probably one of my favorite photos of us ever!  I love that you can tell he is smiling at Mike!

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All photos taken by Debbie Laughlin Photography.

My word for 2014: Mike | Personal

So I hadn’t ever dedicated a year to one word before or even heard of this concept. I saw it floating around Facebook (of course) with people using lots of inspirational words they were going to live their lives for in 2014. I tossed around a few in my head, but couldn’t seem to find one that resonated with me.
Then my husband’s cousin wrote a blog post about how she was going to dedicate her year to her husband. Mike’s cousin, Sarah Mae, is a beautiful writer and an inspiration to me as a mother. After reading her blog post about her dedicating her year to her husband I knew what my word was.


It has been on my heart for awhile that I don’t make him enough of a priority in my life. I am a passionate person and don’t do much less than 100%. I am dedicated to being a stay-at-home mom, a Christian, a photographer and dance instructor. I try to keep our house clean, bills paid and supper on the table every night. There is no doubt that my love language is service!
But, what about Mike??
I know he knows I love him. He knows I do what I do for him and Steven. But what about his love language? His, like many men probably, is physical touch, something I am horrible at. I always have been. My mom said it was like trying to hold on to a slippery squid trying to hold me or hug me as a little kid. I just had to go and do and be busy. I still do. I feel like I am slacking off if I am just sitting still. There is something I should be probably doing other than just sitting here.

I need to slow down and take in the moments. I’m going to try to hug him and kiss him more and try to find myself attractive for him.  Try to look at him the way I did when we weren’t married and all I could think about was marrying him!
Mike is good at that. He is definitely the stop and smell the roses kind of guy.  He works so hard for us.  He is a firefighter and on his days off, he works for my parents.  He is hands down, an amazing father and husband! He definitely keeps me grounded and never complains about working so hard.  I know there are plenty of things he would like to do for himself, but he would rather spend his time with us.

That is why 2014 is going to be his year. I am going to rededicate myself to him as his wife. I will try to make him feel wanted and needed and loved without a doubt. Like Sarah Mae said in her blog, I will fail sometimes. There is no doubt. Not always, but it will happen! This is out of my comfort zone. Loving him isn’t of course, but slowing down is.
I need to step away from the computer and phone and even from Steven some. That will be the hardest. I am terrible about going out on date nights, although I’ve gotten better, because I hate spending time away from him. But I have to remind myself that I’m doing it also for him. Besides, if it wasn’t for the love between his mommy and daddy, he wouldn’t be here!! I have to remind myself that our healthy marriage is the best gift I can give him. That it will model for him the kind of husband he should be and the kind of wife he should look for.
So Mike, 2014 is your year. I can’t wait to see where we are this time next year. I know it won’t be all easy, but I know it will be amazing! I love you babe!

When we first started dating, over 10 years ago!!

dana and mike

Our wedding


Our 1 year anniversary (taken by Mike’s uncle Gary).


Our first family photo!


Photo from our first family photo session (taken by Candice Strickland).


Our recent family photos (photo taken by Debbie Laughlin Photography).

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Steven is 2! | Watch me grow up

I am so thankful that I started taking pictures of Steven when he was first born. It had been amazing to watch him grow through these photos. When I first started, I wasn’t a photographer. I took his photos with my point and shoot camera. Hopefully you can tell towards the end of these photos, I did improve my photo-taking skills.
I love seeing how big he got in the cradle and the mile-stones I documented. From sitting up to pulling up, standing, and being able to get into and out of the cradle by himself, I got it all. I love how his little personality comes out more and more each month.
I took his picture monthly for the first year, then 18 months and now 2 years. He actually turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, but things have been a bit busy around here! Maybe I’ll try to take them at 3, we’ll see how it goes. At 2, things were pretty challenging getting him to lay down long enough to snap a few shots!

The cradle that I used was made for my by my grandfather.  Neither Steven or I ever slept in it, but it is a wonderful keepsake!

????????????????DSC_0484 DSC_0500

DSC_0031 DSC_0055IMG_9408



The Elephant in the Room | Personal

Deep breath…so here is goes. This is a very personal post for me, one that has been weighing on my heart and mind for awhile. For those of you how don’t know me very well or have met me in the last 3 years probably don’t know this, but I have a sister. Close friends and family of course know this, but we don’t talk about her much. Hence the title, The Elephant in the Room! You are probably wondering what in the world, or what happened to her. As far as we know, she is fine. My sister hasn’t talked to our family in over 3 years now. I have received a Christmas card a couple of times and she sent a few gifts and cards when I was expecting Steven. Other than that nothing. No call, no e-mail, not even friends on facebook.
My sister and I were best friends growing up. We are 2 1/2 years apart and growing up in the country without a lot of other options, we were playmates and pretty much inseparable. Now don’t get me wrong, we fought. Lord we fought like cats and dogs sometimes, but we always made up quick. You had to if you wanted someone to play with. Even throughout high school and into college we were close. We both danced, cheered and even joined the same sorority at ODU. I never dreamed of a life without her. But here I am.
It started after Mike and I got married in 2006. Shortly after my sister became anorexic, but would never admit that she had this disease. She dropped down to about 100lbs. It was a very scary time. We were constantly on eggshells because we couldn’t bring it up to her or she would freak out. But we were scared. Scared she would die. Of what was going on with her. During this time she met the man that is now her husband. He never knew my sister before, when she was healthy, and was made to believe by her that this was her normal. He didn’t even recognize her in pictures from my wedding. Their relationship very quickly progressed and soon they were talking about marriage. They were married not even a year after dating and she was still not “healthy”, at least in our eyes. Soon after she slowly starting cutting communication with us.
Now my sister was always well liked. Throughout our lives it was just known that she was the sweet, likable one. It never bothered me. I considered myself more of the funny one, not sure how true that is or not. 🙂 Anyways, after I got married and began her dramatic weight loss, she stopped talking to most of her friends. Ones that new her before, when she was healthy. She had done this before in middle school and high school, but we always assumed it was just her way of finding her group of friends that she really fit in with. We shared a lot of the same friends in college. I sat on the phone several times listening to them cry about how hurt they were and how they were concerned about her. I tried to assure them that she was just going through a hard time and that it would eventually work out.
Well we weren’t ready for the tidal wave coming next.
After she got married, she started to turn on us. We were the last people from her “previous life” left. She started with me and started being mean and rude and barely calling. I would call my mom so upset about how she had treated me. I had defended her to other people and here she was doing the same to me. Next, she turned on my parents. She blamed everything on them, saying they were controlling and liked me and my husband better. She told her husband and his family lies about how we mistreated her and that we were bad people. She had made sure we never got to know him well, so he wouldn’t know any different. I hated when I would call my mom and could tell she had been crying because my sister had hurt her.
We never imagined this would be our life. Without her. But it is. We done a lot of assessing of the situation and have determined that she must have a mental condition of some sort. Now, don’t think we just throw this around. We have done a lot of research and it seems as though she has a condition called borderline personality disorder. Now, we aren’t psychologists or anything, but we know my sister and know that something isn’t normal with her. After looking back, we see that there were signs growing up. She had an irrational fear of my mom dying when she was 4! She had a horrible temper and her emotions were a rollercoaster. Constantly cutting off relationships for no reason.
Now she is expecting her first child, and although this is normally a joyous time in a family, it is a very sad time. It one, confirms that she really wants nothing to do with us as she never contacted to tell us she was expecting. Secondly, there will be a child out there that we won’t be able to love and spoil and kiss and hug. This second part is heartbreaking.
Would we love to have my sister back in our lives? Well that isn’t as easily answered as you may think. She needs help, real help. We need to know how to talk to her and interact with her. Would we have done things differently in the past. Absolutely!! We never knew it was this serious and would have sought professional help for all of us.
Sorry this is so long. I totally understand if no one wants to read this, but it has been weighing on my heart. A little baby could be being born, already born or still waiting to be born. We don’t know. Never take a day for granted with the ones you love and love them the best you can!

Here are some pictures I have of my sister and I throughout the years. Some are scanned in and not the best quality of course. But we obviously loved each other. Just wish I had some recent ones, especially with her and my son.
dana and kacie

d & k easter_0003

d & k halloween

d & k with daddy

Turning 30 + A Giveaway | Personal

Deana Carter once sang “I still remember, when 30 was old.” We’ll I do too, but here I am, officially the big 3-0! It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I certainly don’t feel old. I don’t think I look old or even 30. I feel like I am quietly and slowly slipping into the smoothness of life. Yes we have a toddler and there isn’t much quiet, slow or smooth, but we’re comfortable. Could we have more money or a bigger house? Of course. We have lots of dreams and things we’d like to achieve in the next 10-20 years, but we’re content. Something I strive for every day. And its hard!
I’ve learned a lot, done a lot, seen a lot in the last 10 years. When I turned 20, I hadn’t yet met the love of my life, my husband, although I would soon. I wanted to be a marine biologist, travel the world and cure cancer. Well, I didn’t quite reach those goals. Although I still love the ocean and all that is in it, I figured out that wasn’t the path for me. I did get to travel to Laos, The Philippines, Jamaica and some places in the USA, but there is no place like home. Who knew that when I left my small town of Windsor, that I would end up back in the same area raising my family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Although I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way, most of them, they are lessons that are very valuable and made me the person that I love to be today. Yes, I love myself. I’m not perfect by any means, but I love myself. I know that every physical and emotional scar and bruise, every smile and laugh, have molded me into the person that God wanted me to be today. Sure it would be nice to know where the finish line was and just take the straight and easy path there. But I’ve learned in the last 10 years that timing is everything. If I hadn’t met my husband at the right time maybe we wouldn’t have gotten married and had our beautiful son. If I had known I would end up a photographer I wouldn’t have gone to The Philippines and met so many wonderful people in the jobs I had related to this field. So many experiences and relationships I might have missed out on if I hadn’t gone the path I did. It is imperfectly perfect!
So here I am turning 30 on Labor Day. A perfect birthday since my mom was in and out of labor for 5 days. I am excited to see what I will experience and learn in the next 10 years. My favorite part of my 30 year old self is my newly discovered crows feet. I see them in pictures and in the mirror when I smile! I love them!!! They represent all the smiling and laughing, all the happiness I’ve experienced in my life. I love that I’ve earned them.
Ok, ok, enough about turning 30! The Giveaway!! So I was inspired by another photographer Elizabeth of Elizabeth Henson Photos, who recently gave away a session to someone that was deserving of such a special treat.  I would like to also like to pay it forward. I would like to give away a session this month in honor of my birthday and all the blessings I have received in the last 30 years! The catch is, you cannot nominate yourself.  I feel like our society needs to be more giving and less self-serving.
This will be a full session, a value of $150.00, but priceless to so many who value their photos and memories. It can be a family, a couple, a senior, anyone! Submissions can be of someone you know that goes above and beyond in life. It can be someone that may be down on their luck and you know in your heart that this would change their life, even if just for a couple of hours and make them smile and forget their hardships. I would like to give this gift to someone who has an amazing heart and would truly appreciate this wonderful gift. So, if you know someone that deserves a photo session with me please e-mail me at I will take submissions until September 30th. I will announce the winner(s) on my blog and fb and then set up the session with them.
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me, loved me, and helped me become the person I am today. I am truly blessed and forever grateful!

The first time I held Steven in my arms and our first family photo.

????????dana and steven????????steven and mama beach 2013

Photos by Candi Strickland.


Thankful to my dad for this picture of the three of us on my actual birthday!


My 30th birthday pie! Yes, I wanted a chocolate meringue pie instead of cake. If you had tasted my mom’s, you would want one too!


Farmland and Cousins, Our Trip to Pennsylvania | Personal

Rolling hills and dairy farms! As soon as we got close to where my husband’s family lives in Pennsylvania, I fell in love with the landscape.  We were in Amish country and Mike had always told me I would love it up there. He was right. It was so green and just breathtaking.

It took a little convincing for me to agree to make the 6 hour trip.  Mike’s aunt and uncle were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and having a celebration to mark the occasion. We had been wanting to visit them for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity.  But, we had just gotten back from our vacation at the Outer Banks, we’d have to board the dogs again and traveling with a 19 month old for so long in the car seemed less than appealing. But we did it and Steven was awesome. I don’t think we could have asked for better on the ride up and back.

Mike’s aunt and uncle and their 3 children and their families all live up in Pennsylvania. They are some of the nicest and most welcoming people you will ever meet.  The first time I met them I loved them like my own family.  Mike’s cousin Sarah and her husband Ben, along with their 3 children welcomed us into their home for the weekend.  The moment Steven saw their two oldest children, Jacob and Rose, he hugged them. He must have known they were his family too!! 🙂

We had the most wonderful visit and I’m only sad we didn’t do it sooner.  We got to visit with family and took a trip out to Ben’s family farm.  Steven loved petting the sheep, seeing the cows and even taking a ride on a skid loader.  I think he would make a great farm kid!

I am so glad we made this trip happen. I think we might have to make it an annual trip now that we’ve got that first one under our belt. We love our family up there and want Steven to know his cousins and family up there. The trip wasn’t too bad and the landscape and memories make it all worth it.

The car ride up and playing with his cousins.

IMG_0957 IMG_0962 IMG_0968 IMG_0971 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0979 IMG_0987 IMG_0997

Football at the reception. Steven thought the pile-up was a hug pile! 🙂

IMG_1013 IMG_1015 IMG_1034 IMG_1045

Mike’s cousin Jesse and his youngest daughter Caroline.


Mike’s Gram, her granddaughter Sarah and her great-granddaughter Corrine.


Beautiful flowers at the reception.

 IMG_1080 IMG_1081

Mike’s 3 cousins, Jesse, Sarah, and Renee, sharing stories of growing up with their parents.

  IMG_1136 IMG_1140 IMG_1150

Our visit to Ben’s family farm.

IMG_1155 IMG_1169 IMG_1191 IMG_1197 IMG_1220 IMG_1232 IMG_1255 IMG_1259 IMG_1263

Steven had such a wonderful time playing with all his cousins.  I truly wish we all lived closer!

IMG_1269 IMG_1278 IMG_1298

A water fight broke out and everyone got soaked!

IMG_1308 IMG_1310

Mike’s aunt Susan and her youngest grandchild Corrine.


Nana and her Steven!


Sisters with their grandbabies.


IMG_1350 IMG_1355 IMG_1360

Outer Banks Family Vacation 2013 | Personal

Happy 1st day of summer!!! I feel like once again we made it! 🙂 Its been a bit quiet around here on the blog. That is because we were on vacation for a week a the Outer Banks, NC. I love it there. We have been vacationing there every summer since I was 7. I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else in the world. Its like a second home. Our summer home.
Last summer we took Steven for the first time. He was only 6 months old and didn’t really know what was going on. The weather was pretty crummy, a strong storm had come in for the week. This year, he was 18 months and seemed to love the ocean and the beach. The weather was beautiful all week, except for one day. We’ll take it!
We had a great trip down. Steven didn’t nap as long as I hoped he would, but that meant we got to stop and see the Grave Digger (big truck). Steven started saying “walk” when we where there. Who knew that would be the word of the week! He loved being in the cottage and bouncing his big, yellow ball. He especially enjoyed playing with my dad (“TC” to him). He even started combining words this week, saying “Hi TC”, “Bye TC”, “Bye Mama”, “Bye Dada”. So glad he finally starting saying mama again instead of “ba-ba” or “va-va”.
He loved taking walks on the beach. This usually meant Mike was pulling him in his wagon up and down the beach. At one point he was in the wagon and pointed at Mike and said “da-da” then pointed at the wagon and said “walk”! It was hilarious. He also enjoyed all the people, especially the ladies, at the beach. I have a feeling he is going to be a handful as a teenager! Good grief!
I got to take a trip up to the Whalehead Club in Coralla to see some of the work my parents had done. They contributed flooring, moulding, and corduroy paneling to the restoration of Club. Check out more of their work here.
I am very thankful that we can take this trip each summer and enjoy some family time and some down time. It is definitely refreshing. I am certainly looking forward to this summer and all the adventures we will have, and many more summers spent on the Outer Banks!
beach 2013-1

Grave Digger!

beach 2013-2beach 2013-3

beach 2013-4

He loved playing football on the beach with Da-da!

beach 2013-5beach 2013-6

Chillin! Never would have thought he would have sat in his chair. He loved it!

beach 2013-7beach 2013-8

beach 2013-9beach 2013-10

A visit to the Whalehead club to see some of my parent’s work.

beach 2013-12

Beautiful flooring.

beach 2013-11

Corduroy walls in the Whalehead Club.

beach 2013-13

Steven became a pro at putting on sunscreen. Well he got used to it, so he pretended.

beach 2013-14beach 2013-15

Helping Da-da put in the stakes for the canopy.

beach 2013-16

Our one stormy day. Beautiful sky!

beach 2013-17