Snow days | Personal

So as many of you know, we have gotten a lot of snow in the last two weeks. Thankfully, this Tuesday night as I sit her typing this, I am not preparing for snow! The first week we got about 2″. The next week, 6! This is pretty rare for our area, and although I like snow, I think we are all done for the season. We’ve had our fill.
Steven has seemed to really enjoy the snow, although we weren’t able to play in it for long periods. We woke up one morning the second week and the temperature was -4! That is crazy for this area. So we never stayed out more than 30 minutes at a time. He was pretty funny playing in the 6″ of snow. He had a hard time walking, as he is not even 3 feet tall! We tried to build a snowman, but the snow was really fluffy and not really snowman building snow. We painted the snow using water colored blue with food coloring and Steven and Mike played golf in the snow. The first week was good for sledding and Mike pulled Steven and I behind the mini bike. The second week, not so much. It was just too deep for that, so we just pulled him with our hands.
The dogs really loved the snow. Colt loved trying to eat it and Hurley loved running in it. Mike tried to play ball with Hurley in the deep snow, but the balls kept getting lost.
Steven and I spent a lot of time indoors over the last couple of weeks, which is tough, because we both love to be outside! Thankfully, I had bought a few things of play dough and that has provided a lot of entertainment. We had better luck building a snowman made out of play dough. I also converted a cardboard box into a mailbox. He likes it pretty good, but not quite as much as I anticipated. We have Lincoln logs and our train set and plenty of books.
Now the snow is gone and whenever we get ready to go somewhere and go to put our shoes on, Steven says “No bibs.”, referring to his snow bibs. I think he is over the snow too! We are both ready for warmer and drier weather. Bring on the Spring!

The first snow we got. Steven had a blast being pulled on the sled!


The BIG snow we got!

Hurley loved trying the find the balls in the snow, but it was pretty difficult.


Colt checking out the snow. He gave me some funny faces as he romped around!



Mike and Steven playing golf with Hurley!




Making our play dough snowman inside where we were warm and dry!!





Cardboard mailbox.  I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest, though not very good directions.  I just winged it!




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