DeJarnette Family | Airfield 4-H Center, Wakefield, VA

I have been wanting to do a session at the Airfield 4-H center ever since I started my photography business. I am so thankful that the DeJarnette family gave me that opportunity. Kristy contacted me about taking their family photos and I was again trilled and honored that someone would choose me to capture their memories! I went to high school with Kristy and I always enjoy working with people I know!
Kristy, Luke and their little girl Tenley are such a sweet family and so beautiful. I mean look at those curls on Tenley. And she isn’t just a girly girl! She loves to fish with her daddy. I love that they brought their fishing poles and tackle box to capture this special bond they share.
I love all the different settings this beautiful location offered. Tenley had the best time exploring everything. She is a quick little 2-year old, but thankfully she sat still for a moment here and there. I love working with families where you can see just how much the parents love their children! Thank you to the DeJarnettes and I hope you enjoy their beautiful Airfield session!

DeJarnette Family-3

DeJarnette Family-7

DeJarnette Family-9

DeJarnette Family-15

DeJarnette Family-23

DeJarnette Family-28

DeJarnette Family-35

DeJarnette Family-38

DeJarnette Family-42

DeJarnette Family-48

DeJarnette Family-50

DeJarnette Family-53 DeJarnette Family-66 DeJarnette Family-65 DeJarnette Family-62





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