Slaba Family | Windsor Castle Session

Every time I work with a family, the session is different, even with families I’ve worked with before and even at locations I’ve shot at before.  I love it!  It keeps me on my toes and never gets boring!
I went to high school with Tony and Jessica, but this was my first time working with them.  Their kids are just beautiful, but little Nicholas wasn’t feeling like having his picture taken and Caroline was into everything but sitting still.  But that is just how kids are.  Some days they are on and other days not so much.  I reassured Tony and Jessica that as their parents it may seem like they were 100% times worse than they really were.  They just weren’t feeling it.  It makes my job a little more challenging, but by no means impossible or terrible. This is a beautiful family inside and out and their kids are just normal kids! They really were great!
I love working with families and especially their kids! I love the challenge of capturing beautiful photos, from ones where they are all actually looking at the camera and smiling to those special ones that really show their personalities!  The later ones are my favorite.  They can be a bit silly and maybe ones only the parents can appreciate, but they are still special.
Thank you so much Tony and Jessica for allowing me to capture your beautiful and sweet family. I really had a great time working with you all and your kiddos!

Slaba Family-5

Slaba Family-70

Slaba Family-63

Slaba Family-59

Slaba Family-57

Slaba Family-47

Slaba Family-45

Slaba Family-39

Slaba Family-38

Slaba Family-36

Slaba Family-28

Slaba Family-22

Slaba Family-18

Slaba Family-13

Slaba Family-8


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