The Stotesbury Family | Family session on the Farm

With every session that I book, I am so thankful and amazed that someone would choose me to capture their precious memories. I know that probably sounds cliché, but it is the truth! I am still so new to this business, but I am so thankful to Leisha and Joey for supporting me from the beginning.
When Leisha asked if I would take pictures of not only their family again, but also her sister’s along with their parents, I was so thrilled and nervous at the same time. I’d never done a large family session before and these types of sessions are extra special. I know how hard it is to get a large group of people together. With schedules and kids it can seem impossible. But they made it work and we had a perfect fall day!  Thank you to some of the wonderful photographers I network with, I felt prepared to rock this session!
I love that they wanted to have their session done at my family’s farm. The cotton was ready to be picked and make for a beautiful backdrop. I love the old barn and tree. The kids seemed to enjoy the setting, feeling the cotton and exploring the fields. Getting four kiddos under four to all cooperate can be challenging, but their little guys did great. Its funny, because they didn’t plan it, but all four kids have “k” sounds to their name. Kylee, Caige, Carson, and Carter. They did so good too. We even got some sweet pictures of the grandparents with all of their grandbabies! 🙂

Stotesbury Family-9 Stotesbury Family-17 Stotesbury Family-24 Stotesbury Family-32 Stotesbury Family-33 Stotesbury Family-36 Stotesbury Family-42 Stotesbury Family-46 Stotesbury Family-53 Stotesbury Family-55 Stotesbury Family-56 Stotesbury Family-65 Stotesbury Family-67 Stotesbury Family-77 Stotesbury Family-78 Stotesbury Family-81 Stotesbury Family-85 Stotesbury Family-91 Stotesbury Family-94 Stotesbury Family-96


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