Brian + Karen | Engagement session

My first official engagement session and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple. Brian and Karen were nominated and selected for the photo session I gave away in celebration of my 30th birthday and as a form of paying it forward. I can totally see why they were nominated, they were certainly deserving of such a special treat.
Brian and Karen are both in the police department in Virginia Beach.  Brian is a police officer and Karen works in the CSI department. She says her job is like Abby’s on NCIS! 🙂 I’ve known Brian for a few years through mutual friends. I have to say, its wonderful to see such a nice guy find the right girl! 🙂
Their faith is very inspirational to their family and friends around them. They even met through their church. This was one of the reasons they were nominated and why I felt God wanted me to choose them.  They are two of the sweetest and kindest people I have met, as I found out just in the short time during our session.
They laughed and teased and were total goofballs. It was soo much fun, even though it was a bit chilly down at the oceanfront. We started off at Doc Taylor’s, where they went on their first date and their dog Captain even joined in on the fun. I just love his tie, so sophisticated! 🙂
Thank you so much to everyone who submitted people they thought were deserving of this special giveaway. I truly wish I could have given away one to everyone. Thank you Brian and Karen for all that you do for your community!

Brian and Karen-15 Brian and Karen-7Brian and Karen-10  Brian and Karen-3 Brian and Karen-23

Brian and Karen-83

Brian and Karen-82 Brian and Karen-65 Brian and Karen-58 Brian and Karen-47

Brian and Karen-80 Brian and Karen-59 Brian and Karen-32 Brian and Karen-54

Brian and Karen-74 Brian and Karen-67 Brian and Karen-63 Brian and Karen-35 Brian and Karen-50


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