Kegan + Mason | Isle of Wight County Fair Session

OH MY GOSH!!! This session was amazing!!!! I had THE best time working with Kegan and Mason. My very first couple. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the kiddos I get to work with, but it was awesome getting to work with grown-ups. Just two people obviously head-over-heals for each other.
Kegan has been a fan of my work I feel like since the beginning. I have never even met the girl and she always likes my posts, my photos and my blog. I am so grateful for her support and encouragement.  I was thrilled when I asked if anyone wanted to do a session at the Isle of Wight County Fair last weekend and she said YES! I would finally get to meet one of my biggest supporters and thank her in person! What I didn’t know was, that Kegan has worked with a lot of amazing photographers, including my mentor Amanda Hedgepeth!! Umm, whoa! Now she is getting me to take her photos. Gulp! Thankfully, I didn’t find this out until we were in the middle of the session. Completely humbling and it also made me feel very honored that she would allow me to take her and Mason’s portraits.
The moment I met them it felt so comfortable. Kegan and I found out we have a lot in common. From being raised country girls to both being dancers, and we both share an obvious love for photography.
Kegan and Mason were amazing in front of the camera. Complete naturals. I just would put them in a spot and they have such natural chemistry that the rest came naturally! I couldn’t believe it when Kegan told me she was nervous. It was a very busy day at the fair and we were dodging photo bombers left and right! People were apparently staring at them posing, but it didn’t seem to bother them. From the way Mason looked at Kegan, I don’t think he even remembered I was there. The man is completely smitten with her. I love the shots I got where you can tell he is just drinking her in. LOVE IT!
Their wedding is in April and I wish them all the best. They are both currently serving in the military and I thank them so much for their service and sacrifice. Thank you both for the pleasure of allowing me to capture your love and playfulness! You guys are amazing!! Best wishes.

Kegan and Mason-6 Kegan and Mason-15Kegan and Mason-10Kegan and Mason-61 Kegan and Mason-17 Kegan and Mason-22 Kegan and Mason-68Kegan and Mason-29Kegan and Mason-40Kegan and Mason-19   Kegan and Mason-31 Kegan and Mason-32 Kegan and Mason-48Kegan and Mason-35  Kegan and Mason-45  Kegan and Mason-49 Kegan and Mason-57  Kegan and Mason-63 Kegan and Mason-65  Kegan and Mason-70 Kegan and Mason-74 Kegan and Mason-76 Kegan and Mason-80 Kegan and Mason-87 Kegan and Mason-88 Kegan and Mason-91 Kegan and Mason-92Kegan and Mason-23 Kegan and Mason-27 Kegan and Mason-96 Kegan and Mason-97


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