Jack | Back-to-school Mini Session

Oh my goodness…cuteness overload! Check out little Jack. What a cutie pie?! Oh my, his mom really had fun with dressing him up for the back-to-school mini sessions. From the bow-tie to the prop glasses and blazer, he had the cute, nerd look down! What a little heartbreaker.
This was my first time meeting Jack and he was just as adorable as he looks. He was all smiles and so sweet. He even gave me a few silly faces. I love getting the kids to show me their silly faces. Every one is different and it really gets them to relax and let their personality shine through. He had a wonderful time posing and smiling and like the rest of the bunch that day, enjoyed an apple as his consolation for doing such an awesome job! I loved photographing this sweet little guy in his adorable outfits!
Back-to-school Jack-1

Back-to-school Jack-13Back-to-school Jack-4

Back-to-school Jack-15Back-to-school Jack-7

Back-to-school Jack-9

Back-to-school Jack-17

This expression is too much! Love the “Boy Genius” shirt.

Back-to-school Jack-22

Back-to-school Jack-34Back-to-school Jack-25

Back-to-school Jack-33Back-to-school Jack-28

Back-to-school Jack-36


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