Lucia | Back-to-school Mini Session

I fell in love with little Lucia the second I met her. She ran right up to me with a big smile and said “Hi!”. Love it! I knew this was going to be fun.
This was my first time doing mini sessions and I was hoping they would go well. We were racing the rain and hoping it would hold off. It did, just barely.
Lucia has a contagious smile and just loved all of my props. She enjoyed trying to eat the apple and coloring. She was very much into drawing on the chalkboard and it kept her in the desk which was a plus. She did an awesome job of letting me take her picture. Although this was her first time getting professional pictures done, her mom Stephanie assured me that she was used to a camera!!
We even got a special treat of seeing a wild bunny at the end. It was just perfect. I was so glad to meet this little cutie and work with her and her mama. They are just precious.
After they were done, I even got a little practice in, taking some detail shots of the props I had set up. I hope you enjoy this sweet little back-to-school set up!!

Back-to-school Lucia-2 Back-to-school Lucia-5 Back-to-school Lucia-7 Back-to-school Lucia-9 Back-to-school Lucia-11 Back-to-school Lucia-13 Back-to-school Lucia-15 Back-to-school Lucia-17 Back-to-school Lucia-21 Back-to-school Lucia-26 Back-to-school Lucia-27 Back-to-school Lucia-29 Back-to-school Lucia-30 Back-to-school Lucia-35 Back-to-school Lucia-37 Back-to-school -3 Back-to-school -6 Back-to-school -9 Back-to-school -12 Back-to-school -16


2 thoughts on “Lucia | Back-to-school Mini Session

  1. Oh my I can’t even stand how much I love all of these! You captured perfectly two of my most favorite people in the world ❤

  2. This wee girl has personality PLUS.. Her ma ma is a beautiful young woman ,you can see that it runs in the family.Enjoyed the 1st day at school..G>G …..

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