Getting Ready for Baby Scarlet~ A Country Western Baby Shower | Personal

Talk about a spoiled little girl. Baby Scarlet isn’t even here yet, and she is so loved and adored by so many family and friends.  Mike’s brother Zachary and his wife Brittany are expecting their first baby in December, Scarlet Lorraine.  I just love her name.  It is so beautiful and southern and both maternal great-grandmothers are named Lorraine. Family names are so special. She will also be the first granddaughter on both sides and the first grandchild on Brittany’s side. She will be a spoiled little princess.

We were so happy to have Zach and Brittany in Virginia, they live in Kansas, for 2 whole weeks. We got to spend a lot of time with them and Steven got to bond with his Uncle Zach for the first time.  The last time Zach saw Steven, he was one month old.  Shortly after that he was deployed to Afghanistan.

Zach and Brittany are both into hunting, fishing and being outside. Scarlet will probably be a tomboy and even got her first fishing pole and tackle and camping gear.  Pink camo will probably be her favorite color!

Family and friends gathered at my in-laws home in Virginia Beach to shower Zach and Brittany and Baby Scarlet.  Brittany’s family even traveled from Vermont to be at the shower.  There was so much love and excitement.  Now we just have to wait for the redneck princess to arrive.  We can’t wait to meet you Baby Scarlet!!!

A few of the decorations at the shower. I love pinterest!!!


The mommy-to-be Brittany!


Liam and Steven. They had a great time playing together.


The goofy daddy-to-be Zachary!


Beautiful couple. They are going to be great parents. 🙂

IMG_1589 IMG_1591

Opening all their gifts and there were a lot! Scarlet got her first fishing pole!

IMG_1602 IMG_1606

Both of her grandpa’s ride bikes!


Pink camo!!

IMG_1610 IMG_1611

They had to practice dressing the baby blindfolded. I think they should have tried on one of the real babies there! 🙂

  IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1640

The cake I made. I was pretty proud of it, although it wasn’t perfect. First time doing this rose pattern and basket weave.


I couldn’t believe Steven just let them put these ties on him.  He seemed to like the attention. What a ham!


The Zebrowski boys! Uncle Zachary, Mike and Steven.


Liam and his mom Anna.



IMG_1657 IMG_1661

Spending time with Uncle Zach!


Working on sign language.  Signing for “cookie” and “thank-you”.

IMG_1670 IMG_1671

Zachary, Uncle Bobby, and Steven.


We were so glad they got to spend time together. Wish it was only more!


Love, love, love. This melts my heart!

IMG_1676 IMG_1676-2

Hugs and kisses for Uncle Zach!

IMG_1679 IMG_1680


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Baby Scarlet~ A Country Western Baby Shower | Personal

  1. Could cry looking at all these pics! Love that they had such a wonderful time with you all:) Thanks for capturing some of the time you spent with Zach and Brittany! The cake looked amazing! Well done!

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