Outer Banks Family Vacation 2013 | Personal

Happy 1st day of summer!!! I feel like once again we made it! 🙂 Its been a bit quiet around here on the blog. That is because we were on vacation for a week a the Outer Banks, NC. I love it there. We have been vacationing there every summer since I was 7. I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else in the world. Its like a second home. Our summer home.
Last summer we took Steven for the first time. He was only 6 months old and didn’t really know what was going on. The weather was pretty crummy, a strong storm had come in for the week. This year, he was 18 months and seemed to love the ocean and the beach. The weather was beautiful all week, except for one day. We’ll take it!
We had a great trip down. Steven didn’t nap as long as I hoped he would, but that meant we got to stop and see the Grave Digger (big truck). Steven started saying “walk” when we where there. Who knew that would be the word of the week! He loved being in the cottage and bouncing his big, yellow ball. He especially enjoyed playing with my dad (“TC” to him). He even started combining words this week, saying “Hi TC”, “Bye TC”, “Bye Mama”, “Bye Dada”. So glad he finally starting saying mama again instead of “ba-ba” or “va-va”.
He loved taking walks on the beach. This usually meant Mike was pulling him in his wagon up and down the beach. At one point he was in the wagon and pointed at Mike and said “da-da” then pointed at the wagon and said “walk”! It was hilarious. He also enjoyed all the people, especially the ladies, at the beach. I have a feeling he is going to be a handful as a teenager! Good grief!
I got to take a trip up to the Whalehead Club in Coralla to see some of the work my parents had done. They contributed flooring, moulding, and corduroy paneling to the restoration of Club. Check out more of their work here.
I am very thankful that we can take this trip each summer and enjoy some family time and some down time. It is definitely refreshing. I am certainly looking forward to this summer and all the adventures we will have, and many more summers spent on the Outer Banks!
beach 2013-1

Grave Digger!

beach 2013-2beach 2013-3

beach 2013-4

He loved playing football on the beach with Da-da!

beach 2013-5beach 2013-6

Chillin! Never would have thought he would have sat in his chair. He loved it!

beach 2013-7beach 2013-8

beach 2013-9beach 2013-10

A visit to the Whalehead club to see some of my parent’s work.

beach 2013-12

Beautiful flooring.

beach 2013-11

Corduroy walls in the Whalehead Club.

beach 2013-13

Steven became a pro at putting on sunscreen. Well he got used to it, so he pretended.

beach 2013-14beach 2013-15

Helping Da-da put in the stakes for the canopy.

beach 2013-16

Our one stormy day. Beautiful sky!

beach 2013-17


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