The Funky Tangerine | Styled Jewelry Shoot

Whoo Hooo! My first styled shoot!! I was so excited and flattered when Kristi Bell, owner of The Funky Tangerine, asked me to take photos of models wearing her handcrafted jewelry.

Kristi and I are sisters in the most wonderful organization, Pi Beta Phi, as well are all her beautiful models. I can say that joining Pi Phi was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Most of my girlfriends are sorority sisters, and now we are helping foster each others growing businesses!

Kristi makes beautiful jewelry, from earrings to stylish necklaces and bracelets.  You can visit her Etsy shop here. Check out these beautiful pieces she wanted to showcase at the City Center and Huntington Beach in Newport News, VA.  I love the colors and funky accents she combines to make gorgeous pieces. She even has a line for children. 🙂

The Funky Tangerine can be found a many trade shows and other such events. If you would like to learn more about this business you can find them on facebook.

Jewelry: The Funky Tangerine

Make-up: Gretchen Pierson Tubolion (Mary Kay)

The Funky Tangerine-2 The Funky Tangerine-5 The Funky Tangerine-11 The Funky Tangerine-12 The Funky Tangerine-21 The Funky Tangerine-25 The Funky Tangerine-37 The Funky Tangerine-42 The Funky Tangerine-48 The Funky Tangerine-53 The Funky Tangerine-62 The Funky Tangerine-67 The Funky Tangerine-83 The Funky Tangerine-92 The Funky Tangerine-103 The Funky Tangerine-108 The Funky Tangerine-111 The Funky Tangerine-114 The Funky Tangerine-126 The Funky Tangerine-137 The Funky Tangerine-140 The Funky Tangerine-145 The Funky Tangerine-156 The Funky Tangerine-159 The Funky Tangerine-178 The Funky Tangerine-184 The Funky Tangerine-185 The Funky Tangerine-195 The Funky Tangerine-198 The Funky Tangerine-207 The Funky Tangerine-218 The Funky Tangerine-220 The Funky Tangerine-230 The Funky Tangerine-237 The Funky Tangerine-240 The Funky Tangerine-243 The Funky Tangerine-253 The Funky Tangerine-258 The Funky Tangerine-266 The Funky Tangerine-268 The Funky Tangerine-280 The Funky Tangerine-293 The Funky Tangerine-296 The Funky Tangerine-307


2 thoughts on “The Funky Tangerine | Styled Jewelry Shoot

  1. I enjoyed the jewelry fashion show Dana great job of photography.. Your subjects added zest to it all.. Kristi has an eye for beautiful setting and color … Accolades to both of you . Gram

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