Our first family photo session!!! ~Personal

Finally!! We have real family photos. It took way too long, but I am so thankful that we finally did it. I was so grateful that my cousin Candi offered to take our family pictures in exchange for me taking some photos of their family. We needed it done so badly. We had never had any official pictures taken of all of us together. I’m sure this is the same with so many other photographers. You have more photos of other people’s families than your own.

It was perfect. The weather was great. The location, beautiful. Our very close family friend, Connie Beale, has allowed me to use her property as a location site. It sits on a serene, peaceful millpond. And of course my little ham was ready to cheese it up for some pictures.

I love his expressions. He is such a happy child. We are so blessed. He loves smiling and goofing off. I kept saying “Hey Baby” to him in a sing-song way. It had him cracking up. He loved when we started walking with him, as he is really into holding our hands right now. I have been waiting for him to hold my hand. He wouldn’t do it forever. He’d always wrench his hand out of mine. Now he loves it and even reaches for mine. It melts my heart. So when we started to swing him in between us, that was awesome! Then we turned him upside down and we were all cracking up, as you can see by my silly expression. It is all totally us though. Smiling, laughing, and adoring our little man.

It is my happily, ever after.

Never really knew this is what it would look like. I totally had a different path and overall picture of what it would look like in mind. Funny how God works. I’ve been told if you want to hear Him laugh, tell him your plans. Well I’m glad he laughed and sought out to prove he had better things in store for me. I love it! I couldn’t ask for any more. I have an awesome husband, who is the best father to our son. I have a spunky little boy, who shows both of our personalities. We all just fit. I know there will be times I take it for granted, but I hope I always remember how incredibly blessed I am.

Thank you so much Candi for capturing these memories for us, for Steven, and for generations to come. They are truly priceless. It really inspires me to be that much better and go after my dream of being a professional photographer that much more. Photos are treasures. Irreplaceable, meaningful.

All photos were taken by Candice Strickland. With her permission, I did some minor touching up.

B-2441543189-O E-2441544589-O F-2441545324-O  Gbw-2441545694-O

H-2441547080-O I-2441546942-O J-2441547605-O K2-2441548257-O L-2441548277-O M-2441549492-O Nbw-2441549066-O O-2441550533-O P-2441550759-O Q-2441550664-O R-2441552125-O S-2441552114-O U-2441553235-O Vbw-2441553394-O V-2441553409-O   4-2441542779-O3-2441542016-O


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