the strickland family

Cousins are your first friends. Thankfully, I have some pretty awesome ones. My cousin Candi has been a photographer by hobby for as long as I can remember. I have one of her amazing photos hanging on my wall. She took our maternity pictures and Steven’s newborn pictures. She always has a camera in her hand and gets some pretty awesome shots.
So, when she suggested we could exchange services, we needed our own family pictures taken desperately, I jumped at the chance. But, I was also very intimidated. Yes, I’ve been practicing a lot. I’ve been educating myself and learning new things. But, she was the first photographer that I’d really been around. It was so relaxed though. It’s one more thing we can talk about and share.
Candi and her sister Kira moved to Alabama when I was very little, so I only saw them when they came up for holidays or summer vacations. Thankfully, they both ended up moving back to Virginia a few years back and now we all have little boys. The three great-grandsons (John, Michael and Steven) are all 15 months apart. “Stair-steps” as we call them. Just like how the previous generation of cousins was. I wish we all saw each other more and lived a little closer to each other so that way Steven could see his cousins more and I could see my cousins, who are becoming more like my adopted sisters. Thankfully, they do now live in Virginia.
On the day of our session the weather was warm and beautiful. Poor Michael was not in the mood though. He had had a couple of bumps throughout the week and gave me a chance to get some practice touching up photos. I did manage to get a couple of smiles out of this little guy. He was the most serious 2-year old I think I’d ever seen. I started running back and forth trying to get whichever way he was looking. This of course got him smiling.
One more experience under my belt, 2-year old that refuses to smile. With each session I am learning more, gaining more experience and challenging myself. I hope you enjoy this beautiful family and Michael’s very serious personality.

DSC_0074-2 DSC_0075-2-2 DSC_0103-2-2 DSC_0113-2 DSC_0119-2 DSC_0124-2 DSC_0137 DSC_0142 DSC_0144-2 DSC_0170 DSC_0198 DSC_0199-2 DSC_0216-2 DSC_0224


2 thoughts on “the strickland family

  1. Can’t decide which I like more, the narrative or the pictures. Both come from your heart. So I know you will make it in this business and I also know how very much you mean to all of us. The pictures are wonderful!

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